Why Having Weaknesses Is Just Fine

I don’t know about you, but I get so discouraged sometimes. Writing this blog (and something else I’ve got in the works) has shown me something important: I’m only discouraged when I’m lingering in my doubts.

When most of my thoughts are centered around the I can’ts instead of the God cans.

It’s so easy to dwell on the impossibilities of life. You know, I’ll never be a great housekeeper. My best hope is adequate, and even that is unrealistic since lately, it’s just not a priority. I aim for basic sanitary conditions. Enough clean dishes to eat off of. Enough laundry cleaned to avoid public nakedness. I have a threshold I can live with of crumbs on my floor; when levels get too high, I sweep.

Sometimes, I beat myself up about this. I compare myself unfavorably to other moms who make housekeeping a priority. I call myself inadequate.

But the truth is, I’m me. And this is part of myself. I am the stereotypical internally focused, creative, “scatterbrained” artist and writer. And honestly, calling a person like me scatterbrained is only a half truth. I am not scatterbrained — I am intensely focused on things that no one else can see. And spending time dwelling on my weaknesses instead of my strengths only drains me of my confidence. But I digress.

My point for today is, it’s time to stop focusing on our weaknesses, people. We all have them, so what’s the big deal? Satan would like to convince us that they make us useless, but the truth is, they make us us. God knows about them, and He’s cool with them. I mean, He made us! He doesn’t want sin in our life, but since when is “not caring about housekeeping because I’m busy following my passion” a sin? It’s so not.

Be fully yourself.  It's okay.

So go, accept yourself just the way you are. God does, and who are you to argue with the King of Kings? When Satan tries to remind you of all your failures, tell him Yes, I know. But God loves me, and that’s enough.

And listen: Do the same for your kids and for yourself as a parent, if you are one. It’s so easy to worry about their development, especially when we get the feeling that even strangers in the grocery store are evaluating them, and by extension, us. But screw the naysayers. God created those kids with a purpose and a plan, and it includes their shortcomings, too. So let’s take the long view of what their positions will be in heaven, not here on earth. Every kid, every person, has enormous value. And it’s not because of what we can do; it’s because of who we are.

We are God’s beloved.


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