The Most Important Person on the Planet is… You

I have been stuck in a trap of thinking of things I am not.

I am not like Jen Hatmaker, hilarious and irreverent, yet profound.

I am not a mommy blogger (even though I’m a mommy), who pins recipes and gives tips on organization or healthy meals.  ha!

I am not a great housekeeper.

I am not a fearless Christ follower, like I said I would be.

On and on it goes.  I’m not like my friend, who writes profound things about being a cancer mama.  I’m not a huge-platformed anybody.

But here is where I stop those ridiculous comparisons.

I am learning, remembering, that there are things that I am.

There are things I can do, things that I love.

I have strengths and weaknesses that are unique to myself.

There is no one else exactly like me, even though there are kindred spirits out there.

There is no one else who can tell my story, even though there are people who could relate to it.

I shouldn’t give up when someone else writes something amazing that I didn’t.  I should just write, create, paint, knit — whatever — because it’s part of who I am.

I am myself.

The one and only.

Who are you?

You are unique, and there is no one like you.

No one else has your story.

If you don’t share it with the world, no one else will.  And the world will be a poorer place for it.

We need each other.  No one is nonessential.  Replaceable.  Unimportant.

The world’s message to us is that there is always someone better, more important, more worthy.

Well, guess what?  That message is wrong.

In God’s economy, everyone is essential.  On purpose.  A crucial part of his plan.  An integral part of a larger body.

You have a voice, and you have a part to play.  Your part may be “small” in this life, but in the scope of eternity, there are no bit parts.

God sees every action, every bit of good done in secret, every tiny act of kindness.  He sees you.

And He says you have value that is so immeasurable that gold and silver weren’t enough to pay for you.  No, you are worth the very life-blood of God Himself.

Read that again.

You are worthy, beautiful, broken, redeemed.

And He has given you a voice, and a purpose, and something you are good at.

It doesn’t matter what your thing is.  Just do what you are made to do.

The world needs you to do it faithfully.


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