The 6pm Meltdown

Supper time is the worst.

I am almost always hungry when I start preparing dinner.  Being hungry makes it harder for me to make decisions, so if I haven’t already planned a meal, just the idea of making dinner makes me crazy.

Then, the kids come in and ask me questions.  Or have arguments.  Or need drinks.  Or they stand in my way, and I struggle not to yell mean things at them for being so thoughtless.

“Can’t you see I’m working here?  Just go play for a while!  Supper will be ready when it’s ready.  No, I don’t know what we’re having yet.  Yes, I know you hate tuna casserole, but everyone else loves it, so too bad.”

Sometimes, the whole production is so overwhelming, I just want to cry.  Or stop.  Or feel sorry for myself that I don’t have enough money to employ a proper housekeeper, like in the good old days of The Bobbsey Twins or Pride and Prejudice.  Seriously, why can’t I have lived in a time where housekeepers were the norm?

When I really think about why dinner time is such a disaster, I can see a couple reasons.

1) My introvert brain can only handle so much input & stimuli at a time.  Too much from outside (kids) while I’m struggling to make decisions inside (my brain), and I feel completely overwhelmed.  Which then makes everything even more of an effort.

2) I should really give myself a pre-supper-making snack.  A really good one.  Like a dinner before the dinner.  But that takes advance preparation, which is not one of my strong points.

3) It might also help if I planned the menu before 5:30pm.  “The crock pot is my friend.  The crock pot is my friend.”

4) My husband is hardly ever home before supper is ready.  I bet an adult helper would come in handy when the kids need things.  Oh, well.  I can’t really change that one.

I guess I could either keep on complaining that I hate supper time, I hate preparing meals, and I hate that it’s the stupid mom’s job, or….  I could just get over it.  It is what it is.  How can I make the best of it?  Knowing my own limitations, maybe if I plan in advance, I could make that time of day less horrible.

The slow cooker is my friend.  The slow cooker is my friend.


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